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Memories and Memory

A few years ago, my son Sean, then living in Victoria, asked for a list of all the places I had lived. As I wrote it out, it brought back many memories. Both Sean and his sister, Sara, suggested I write my “memoirs” for them, recounting the family history of stories I remembered.

I did manage a bit about my early years. Then, again at their request, began to write about my parents and their families. But the project languished.

This year, I decided to have a go at it again, and to make it a blog. I had barely made the decision when Sean, suddenly and inexplicably died. He had just celebrated his 30th birthday a few weeks earlier. He had applied for grad school and received an acceptance. He had received his first credit card in his own name. And he had signed up for driving lessons (he had always preferred biking.) And one morning as a friend called to pick him up for work, he was gone from us.

An autopsy revealed no discernible cause of death. So we are left bereft and puzzled and regretting the disappearance of a remarkable young man from our lives. More about that in a future post

These memoirs then, are now in memory of Sean. They are what I would have told him if he were still here with us. Perhaps, somewhere, somehow, he is listening.