Second-Hand Heirloom

In this first formal portrait of Nadine, taken when she was five months old, she is  leaning against a blanket my father picked up second-hand.  But despite its humble entry into our family, it has become an heirloom.  It is  the blanket she was wrapped in on the day she was first brought home.  It is also the one mother wrapped me in two years earlier. Six years later, it wrapped our baby brother.

And a generation later, my sister used it for her three children.  Then it went to her daughter-in-law who used it for three of her children.  My sister has it back in her possession now, but has offered it to her granddaughter who is expecting in December.  That will make four generations of the family who came home for the first time wrapped in the same blanket!

Cheryl Lynn House, 7 months (Nadine’s daughter)

Melanie Faye House, 7 months
(Nadine’s granddaughter)

Nadine has been doing stalwart duty as my editor on this blog. Now she gets to shine as an author telling the stories she was told about herself.

The next two posts will be from her.


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