Arrival in Canada

The SS Doric of the White Star Line

Courtesy of the Norway Heritage Collection –

It was Grandpa’s second son, Bert, who convinced the family to come to Canada.  They travelled on the SS Doric of the White Star Line arriving in Quebec City on April 26, 1926.  My father was twelve years old. They were the largest single family to make the journey—even though they had left the three oldest children in England.

John Bernard Turner and Sarah Jane Turner with the seven of their ten children who came to Canada: Bernard, George, Ivy, Joan, (age 3) Eunice, Eric and Bert.

From Quebec City, they continued the journey west and settled on a farm in the Cordova district in Manitoba. They later moved to Mentmore.  Mentmore, and Cordova are rural districts in south-west Manitoba.  Each had a small centre of sorts at the location of the railway stop where there was a grain elevator and a post office/general store. The nearest towns of any size were Neepawa  and Minnedosa.

Click on View Larger Map to see the relationship of Mentmore to Neepawa and Minnedosa.

It was Bert, as well, who lured his parents to Vancouver when they decided to retire from farming.  This time only Joan went along.  Eric and George, Eunice, Ivy and Bernard (my Dad) had all married by this time and stayed in Manitoba.


Grandpa & Grandma Turner in their garden in Vancouver, 1942


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