Almost an Ontarian

Mum & Dad in Hamilton 1942

I just missed being born in Hamilton, Ontario. My parents moved there in the fall of 1941. Dad found work at Langley Dry Cleaners and I assume Mum “worked out” as they called it then, cleaning house for various clients on a weekly rotation.

It was not lack of work that sent them back to Manitoba, but lack of housing. The landlady from whom they rented a room was dubious about renting to a young couple obviously expecting a child soon. She didn’t include infants among her prospective tenants, but agreed to take them in temporarily until they found suitable family accommodation. But suitable accommodation at a price they could afford was not to be found even with nearly four months of searching. Finally, she gave notice, and with nowhere else to go, my parents returned to Cordova, Manitoba where my maternal grandfather had a small farm currently vacant. (In addition to the farm which he worked himself, Granddad owned several others which he rented to tenants.)

This farm was, frankly, a dump, and not long afterwards they moved to “the Brunskill farm” in the Mentmore district. The delay, perhaps, was due to Granddad needing permission from Mum’s brothers, Arthur and Cecil to let them live there. They had jointly purchased the farm in 1938, but by 1942 both were overseas serving in the Air Force and no one was farming the land. So it came about that my earliest years were spent at Section 17, Township 13, Range 16. We lived on the Brunskill farm from the spring of 1942 until the fall of 1945.


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